About Us

Who We Are

Geregu power Plc is a power generation company registered and domiciled at Itobe – Ajaokuta Express Road, Ajaokuta, Kogi State and its corporate office is situated at 13 Walter Carrington Crescent Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Geregu Power Plant was constructed by the Federal Government of Nigeria and commissioned into service on the 16th February 2007 to generate electric power and supply to the National Grid managed by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

The Plant is owned and operated by Amperion Power Distribution Company Limited holding an 80% stake and 20% retained by Federal Government of Nigeria (jointly held by Bureau of Public Enterprise and Ministry of Finance Incorporated).

Our Values


Our Mission

To accelerate economic growth through sustainable power generation in Nigeria

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of integrated power supply in the region

History of Geregu

NEPA was listed in the Public Enterprises Act. Enabling Law for the privatization policy.
March 2005
The Electric Power Sector Reform Act was enacted
November 2006
Incorporation of Geregu Power (Managed by PHCN on behalf of the FGN)
March 2007
Geregu Power began Power Generation with installed Capacity 3*138Mw=414Mw -33% operating capacity
1st of November 2013
Geregu Power was acquired from the Federal Government of Nigeria by Amperion Power Distribution Ltd
June 2014
Contract was awarded for the overhaul of the plant to the OEM, Siemens AG at a cost of USD 94 Million.
August 2016
Following the overhaul, plant capacity was increased from 414 Mw to 435Mw.
September 2019
Amperion further increased is holdings in GPP from 51% to 80%


The power plant consists of three simple cycle natural gas fired SIEMENS V94.2 STG5-2000E gas turbine generator units with a 435MW Installed Capacity. The Turbine units are GT11, GT12, and GT13 and each is designed to produce 145 MW at 15.75KV, stepped up to 330kV via a 173.6MVA Power Transformer and now generates on average Ten (10%) percent of Nigeria’s power.

Natural gas is transported by Nigerian Gas Company (NGC) from SEPLAT via a 135km, 24” underground pipeline in the Niger Delta at 35bar pressure and reduced to 25bar operating pressure. The plant supplies power directly to the national grid via the Transmission Switchyard. The national grid serves as a “power pool” to which all the power plants and load centres are connected.

The name Geregu is derived from the host community of the power plant located in Ajaokuta Local Government Area of Kogi State in the North Central area of Nigeria.


We are committed to be at the forefront of providing sustainable power generation using a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant – a safe, clean and efficient mode of generating power.

We are aware of the cost implication of revamping an industry that has continuously been plagued by inefficiency and empty promises. To address this issue, we have committed to continuously improve and enhance our assets in whatever form to deliver efficient power supply.

We improved the operational capacity of the power plant immediately we took over operations by engaging the original plant contractors (SIEMENS) to revamp the plant capacity and we are looking forward into a future of seamless generation, distribution and transmission of power sustainably.

We are committed to promote transparency by holding ourselves to the highest business ethical standards -we will provide adequate and precise information on our operational capabilities, financial reporting and corporate governance.

We want to lead a sector that will improve economic development and empowerment of the country and its people. The economic growth of a country and the happiness of its people are two sides of the same coin.

Our long-term goal is to push the boundaries of sustainable integrated power supply to fulfil dreams and possibilities.

Infinite Possibilities​

Efficient energy consumption, transportation and to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel energy – movement of people, goods and services is at the very core of our existence, add pollution to that mix and it is obvious that our energy consumption have to be cleaner, renewable, safe, reusable, efficient and sustainable. These are the growing issues tackled globally by urban planners and government.

In the past couple of years electric power have witnessed unprecedented innovative leaps compared to any another time in history since when electricity was harnessed. We are witnessing what the future will be in the present and not just imagining how the future will be.

Organizations like Tesla, Samsung and Hyundai are leading the innovation towards the wider application of electricity in our everyday lives, most importantly in transportation and domestic use of power in homes.

There are also countless startups in this space harnessing the advancement in power to create services and products that are essential to our lifestyle.

The old myth that the combustion engine is king is slowly eroding, electric power can be stored safely in homes, fast charging devises are more efficient and reduce waste, electric transportation is the new cool – trains, bikes, space travel, aviation are harnessing the power of electricity to run efficiently and reduce the amount of pollution emitted into the environment.

General Electricity created a whole new landscape of infinite possibilities of how electricity can be used to create life changing equipment and machines in healthcare, aviation and renewable energy.

Electricity is not only saving the world it is also changing the way we live and communicate. 

Electricity powered applications are everywhere, from communications and various researches being carried to put humans in space, the development in health care diagnosis and transportation. The possibilities in the application of electric power is infinite.

At Geregu Power we want to be part of the rapid innovation in electric power development, not just as driver in transforming the sector in our region but also enhance the availability of the products, services and innovation that is being pioneered in the sector.

We hope to partner in research and exploration in renewable and clean energy not just globally, we also want to strategically adapt innovation to fit region specific advantages or disadvantages as the case maybe at times.

We want to lead infrastructure development by identifying the competitive advantages of the region.