Health, Safety & Environment

Committed to ensuring safety compliance of workers on site.

The Management of Geregu Power Plc considers health and safety as priority in order to have a positive and world-class health and safety culture that will be a benchmark for other Power Generation Companies. We have put in place all the elements to achieve this from inception and, we continually review and improve our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy periodically.

The Company from inception has not recorded any major accident/incident and therefore has no financial loss to any direct and indirect costs till date.
We take pride in our quick response to all recorded near misses and complaints from workers to prevent reoccurrence. At the moment we have low rate records of unsafe actions and unsafe conditions.

Geregu Power Plc Health Safety and Environment 1Geregu Power Plc Health Safety and Environment 1
The competent HSE officer and Firemen of the organization ensure the implementation of health and safety rules and regulations, through regular inspection of workplace and monitoring of safety compliance of workers on site at intervals to ensure and educate adherence to the laid down set rules and regulations. The firemen are on 24 hours standby.
Demineralization SystemDemineralization System
In compliance with safety rules and regulations, Management has put in place emergency measures that includes, Emergency Response Plan (ERP), Lightning Arrestors, Fire Truck Well, Automated Electric and Diesel Fire Fighting Pumps, Automated Fire Fighting System (deluge system with sprinklers and hydrant fire fighting system with flame detectors), Smoke Detectors and Heat Sensors.
Water AnalysisWater Analysis
There’s also a site clinic with a certified/registered RN/RM nurse for first Aid purposes and a standby ambulance during emergency.
Water TreatmentWater Treatment
Environmental compliance requirements are adhered to strictly and quarterly reports are sent to the Federal Ministry of Environmental (FME) on surface environmental quality, ground water quality and air quality analysis. Till date we have passed all our environmental assessments audits.